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The Telegraph refers to Lake Iseo as a "Hidden Treasure":  "Little known outside Italy, Lake Iseo is smaller than Lake Como but considerably quieter and more charming. With fewer sun-blotched tourists, and situated just north of the cities of Brescia and Bergamo, it is the unsung gem of northern Italy." Read more

The Independent

How on earth, I wondered, had I never heard of Lake Iseo before this visit? In truth, I hadn't even known how to pronounce it ("Izz-ayo" – to rhyme with mayo). The smallest of Lombardy's four major lakes, it is often bypassed by foreign visitors in favour of its more glamorous big sisters: Garda, Como and Maggiore. What a gem I'd been missing. The Italians, of course, have been quietly holidaying here for years. Read more

The Mirror

Proof came on a trip to a remarkable winery during a magical few days by Italy’s Lake Iseo. And I can tell you, when a Latin lady ties you in silk before plying you with quality fizz, it’s a sensuous experience. Read more

 Investment Europe

The global financial crisis seems a long way from the balmy shores of Lago d’Iseo, where the ISEO Institute Summer School habitually welcomes the world’s brightest post-graduate students to debate and improve their economic expertise. Read more

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