Towns on Lake Iseo

Towns on Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo Towns

There are two main cities in Lake Iseo which are divided by the Lake itself, these are Brescia and Bergamo. There are many towns that surround the lake, all of which produce spectacular sights and properties. In the Brescian region are the towns Iseo, Sulzano, Marone and Sale Marasino. In the Bergamo region are the towns Sarnico, Parzanica, Riva di Solto, Solto Collina and Lovere.


The first town to mention is the town of Iseo, which is situated in the Bresica region. A peaceful town; it has a relaxed ambience, wide squares and a lovely promenade with a fantastic view of the lake and Monte Isola. It is quite lively, mainly with Italian families and couples. To the south of the town is the nature preserve which can be explored on bikes for those who enjoy cycling. Iseo town is probably the liveliest place to stay on Lake Iseo. It's larger than most of the other lake resorts and is a popular destination for daytrippers and weekenders from the nearby Italian cities, so it's full of restaurants, bars and shops. Bus services connect the town with local destinations, and the ferries and railway line make it fairly straightforward to explore the rest of the lake.


Sulzano is one of the prettiest spots on Lake Iseo. With medieval houses, the eighteenth-century church, the wonderful panoramic views of the lake and Monte Isola. Everything contributes to make this place memorable. People who love sailing and water sports will find in Sulzano the best place for a vacation. There is also the hike to the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Giogo, to a height of 1000 meters. From the courtyard you can enjoy fantastic views of the Lake and nature reserve. If you are interested in buying a property in Sulzano, please check this site out.


The beautiful town of Marone is composed of several hamlets, which from the mountainous area stretching down to the lake shore. The village is very picturesque: you can visit the parish church, dedicated to San Martino, built in the eighteenth century. Also on the lake lies the hamlet of Vello, a tiny village with a distinctive and charming marina. From Marone you can travel to Zone, a small town famous because on its territory there is the Regional Reserve of the Piramidi di Erosione. These pyramids are huge pinnacles of earth topped by boulders, due to a rare natural phenomenon. The pyramids are a unique spectacle, to be admired from the natural terraces along the paths through the area. If you are interested in buying a property in Marone, please check this site out.

Sale Marasino

Sale Marasino consists of two formerly separate towns: Sale, near the lake, and Marasino, which is located in the hills and it was already inhabited in Roman times. The area along the shore of the lake is very picturesque and its close proximity to Monte Isola, its luxury hotels and the tranquillity of the place make Sale Marasino one of the most important tourist resorts on Lake Iseo. Among the monuments and sights of the town is the church of San Zeno who boasts some spectacular views Sale Marasino is very popular with tourists for its proximity to Monte Isola: from here, ferries depart for the island, while from the walking trails in the mountains behind the town you can enjoy a unique view.


Sarnico is an elegant town, situated at the point where the lake flows into the River Oglio. It is considered the geographic capital of the southern lake; it has always been a crossroads between the two shores of Bergamo and Brescia. Sarnico is a beautiful town full of beautiful views and natural scenery: it preserves a medieval tower and the fortress of Zucchellis, which is definitely a picture taking sight. The lake also allows the practice of sports such as windsurfing, boating and water skiing.


Parzanica is a village located in a position dominating the western shore of Lake Iseo. It is worth noting both the historic town centre, which has preserved its rural character, with its characteristic views from past centuries, and the parish Church, built towards the end of the 18th century.

Riva di Solto

Riva di Solto is a small village which has seen a constant hive of activities aimed at developing tourism, including camping places, bars and restaurants, so as to harness the river lake on which it overlooks. The memory of the medieval period is preserved in the town thanks to the presence of many buildings from that period, including, a beautiful castle in the hamlet of Zorzino. It is also worth a visit to the ravine Orrido del Bogn, a beautiful place where a path built into the rock and overlooking the water offers views and landscapes of particular emotion.


Lovere is the northernmost town of the coast of Bergamo and lies in a strategic position, between the end of the valley of Val Camonica and the north end of Lake Iseo. The town is squeezed between the lake and the mountains. As well as a prime location on the lake Lovere offers sights of the church of San Giorgio, the monastery of Santa Chiara and the sanctuary of San Giovanni, located on the summit of Mount Cala, which offers a breathtaking view over the lake and surrounding area. Very picturesque is the lakeside promenade, between flower beds and beautiful views of the town and the lake.

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