Attractions in Lake Iseo

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Attractions in Lake Iseo


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Attractions in Lake Iseo

One of the main attractions of Lake Iseo is its spectacular views and natural beauty thats surround the local Lake Iseo Attractionstowns and lake. There is no denying that if it is relaxation and tranquillity you are looking Lake Iseo is the place to go. One of its more unusual attractions is a rather odd rock formation, high above the lakeside town of Marone is a cluster of 'pyramids' - bizarre geological formations where erosion has left tall earth pinnacles surmounted by boulders. On the western lakeshore are the bogns of Castro and Zorzino, sheets of limestone that plunge into the lake, which is certainly worthy of a picture or two.

Taking a ferry from Iseo’s shores to the Monte Isola is one of the finest attractions Iseo has to offer. It is said that stepping off the ferry on to Monte Isola is like steeping into a different world, one which is more surreal then real, where cars are absent and the culture rich.

There are plenty of attractions on Monte Isola, one of which is the Madonna della Ceriola. To reach this monastery you must journey up by bus to the small village of Cure which is the highest village on the island. From there you may reach the monastery which is a mere 600 metres above sea level. The origins of the Santuario della Ceriola date back from the sixteenth century, when Saint Vigilio, bishop of Brescia, gained the trust in the area of Sebino and abolished the cult of the pagan divinity “Iside” (from which derives the name Iseo). The view from the Della Ceriola is breathtaking and you are able to see the whole of Lake Iseo from the top.

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